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Struggling to feel His love? If so, you are like many others who long to feel His loving arms around you but, at best, get only glimpses of it in His Word. God has something special to say to you!

A Struggle
Most people who open the Bible have trouble finding a clear expression of God's love in the Bible. Even many believers struggle to recognize His arms around them, carrying them, feeding them and healing them. They often come with sharp reminders of their sin but only dimly recognize the extent of His great, forgiving love. They long to hug Him and feel they are totally loved in return. If you have never begun a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, read here. If you have trusted Christ for forgiveness, but still aren't finding God's love flowing out of every page of His Word, you aren't alone.

The Extent of His Love
Several years ago, I was asked to teach a Sunday School class. I was at the time in the midst of the struggle I mentioned above - wanting to know more of God's love but always feeling like I was missing all He had to say. I should hasten to note that, as earth-bound creatures, we will always want more of God's love than we are now experiencing. God is, after all, the most delightful being in the universe, and the only correct attitude for the believer is to want more and more of Him. But I knew His Word had infinitely more to say to me of all He already done and had determined to be in my life. So, as I prepared the lesson, I labored to encompass even a fraction of what His love meant.

In His Words...
But as I worked, the idea occurred to me to try to express what God had to say about His dealings with me in a paraphrase, as if coming from His own lips. Using scripture, I put together a summary of what I saw God had done and promised to do, written as if He were speaking to me and all the stressed-out believers in Dallas, Texas that were members of that Sunday School class.

My Beloved Child...
The result was a love letter from God that I thought most appropriately called My Beloved Child. Since it was presented in that class, I have given it out innumerable times, and many have told me of the tears of joy that followed as their heart leaped in recognition of His mighty Father-love.

So I provide it here with the prayer that your heart will be similarly stirred as well. But I also pray that this will be the start of a life-long love affair with God's Word, as the expression of all He is and will be for you in you and through you, throughout eternity. I suggest you read it in its entirety, then go back and look up each scripture for the full context of what God is telling you. You are free to reproduce My Beloved Child for your own use and distribution to others, as long as it is used in its entirety, including the attribution at the end " GodsLoveLetter.org."

Read My Beloved Child here.



Love Letter photo used with permission of Rian Houston